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What next, I wondered in 1995 retiring from a house in Baltimore to New York City apartment. How to shape that unknown, life-after-paidwork? Began with indoor Kitchen Composting on the 21st floor. Promoted it by knitting 150 interpretations of red wiggler worms, finding people all over the world to Knit One Red Worm [see] Moved on to Knit A Condom Amulet Project, my second blog.

By the time Vogue Knitting wrote about my enviro efforts in “Knitting Activists,” NO WAR patches were on the needles. Next, Condom Amulets, practical little pouches to ward off HIV/AIDS. Safe sex alert for women over 50, growing at-risk population at risk. Tell someone you care about www.KnitA Condom

In 2009, moved to socially conscious retirement community Portland, Oregon where 3 young grandchildren live. Yarnlife continues with knit chickens a favorite. Spouse now spinner/knitter/weaver. Elderblogging, my path to conversations with other active women about our lives at 60-plus.



feminism, peace, breadmaking, fiber, condom amulets for hiv awareness (free patterns at